Welcome to the room of Grace. The Heart of Man film experience reminds us all that Shame no longer holds us hostage and we are all free to pursue life more fully. No matter where you are on your journey, we want to encourage you by surrounding you with people, ministries and resources that will support your journey of freedom. 

- The Filmmakers

A Guided Journey for Men and Women Out Of Unwanted Sexual Behavior.

This series blends the cutting edge research of the book Unwanted with the dual-genre impact of the feature film "The Heart of Man" into a unique journey for those struggling with unwanted sexual behavior. 

18 episodes, spread over five months, with nearly 10 hours of video content, in-depth assignments, readings, and resources to help you understand your story based on unparalleled research of nearly 4,000 men and women.


For those early on or just starting their journey, these tools will help you on your way.


For those getting to know their story & learning to walk in freedom.


For those walking daily in freedom sharing the Love Story with the world.